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1 Man 1 Woman 1 Dog 1 Van 1 Year

It's been a year since we walked out of our cosy new house and got in the van and headed off. It's been at times cold , wet sunny and everything in between. As far south as the Sahara and as far North as the Highlands. Sea sand and mountains have been our garden and we have enjoyed our stable time in Glenrothes. Plus we are still talking to each other and are looking forward to our winter in Spain.

Today we got up and out in good time as we journeyed across country towards Moffat.

We broke up the journey by stopping in Melrose for a walk and a look around.

The old iron bridge across the Tweed with a weir one side.

And the gentle river running towards Berwick where we were yesterday the other.

With the fly fisherman up to there navels in the river.

We wandered through the town. Pleasant enough with a very genteel atmosphere.

Past the old abbey where we had parked the van.

Now just a ruin with restricted access due to instability so we decided not to explore further.

The road towards Moffat was very windy but luckily very quiet. Even in the heavy rain it was beautiful.

We stopped for a coffee and a scone next to one of the lochs.

The road wound it's way through the southern uplands an area that up until recently had not been on our radar.

Hopefully the weather will improve so we can explore further. There are loads of walks both on the way to and around Moffat itself.

The campsite we are on now is very basic. It's near Moffat no electric and only a couple of toilets. However it's secure and of course most importantly very cheap 🫠.

We are off out tonight to celebrate our years anniversary. It's hammering it down the van is cold and damp with water ingress around the skylights. A fitting end to our first year. Surprisingly neither of us would change anything about it. Plus we are both looking forward to the next chapter and have no plans or desire to return to stationary life!

The view from our front door!

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