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2 Munro’s our head in the clouds and a fox.

We set off first thing as planned heading for our first Munro bagging. The weather was slightly overcast with a blustery breeze. We had both managed to get our outfits right this time. Not too hot not too cold not to wet in other words the Goldilocks spot. Rae had to apply blister plasters on the way up which fortunately worked. A couple of stumbles and a full splat from me on the way down.

The path to the summit. We met the man responsible for upkeep of the paths with teams of volunteers using materials on the mountain mostly but on occasion having to use helicopters which they try not to do as it ramps up the costs!

Past waterfalls we drank straight from the river so fingers crossed we survive. We did check out the source first.

What could go wrong? Luckily Gordon was supervising! Apparently this can be impassible if in full spate! Luckily for us it wasn’t. On the way down we sat on a rock in the middle of the river drank from it and had a snack.

Gordon tucked into his favourite ice cream!

More snow and clouds. We reached the plateau between two Munro’s

A Munro as I’ve said before has to be over 3000 ft and there has to be a 150 meter drop down and up in between 2 to count as 2 otherwise it’s only 1. We achieved 2😎

We then made our way down passing a couple of others on the way up.

Views of wilderness and lochs. Strangely I would rather go up than go down safer and less painful.

At times we were above the clouds a surreal and unique experience.

Not only our first mountain but Gordon’s as well!

And of course a group selfie to mark the occasion!

Downward and home. We were a little concerned that we may have broken Gordon, however we came across a beautiful large fox and Gordon found his second wind and disappeared after it into the forest. Mind I think he’s paying for it now. He’s barely moved. Back to work tomorrow!

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