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3 days 3 capitals 3 countries and over a thousand miles, and breathe 😎

The bus journey was so much better. Longer and we had noisy neighbours! We sat on the back seats and a loved up young Spanish couple got on at the first stop and talked and talked and talked. Us miserable lifers could only look on knowing it won't last and in a couple of months they will have nothing good to say to each other! That apart we had loads of leg room and both managed to grab sleep in between stops. We met a interesting and funny 😱German lad. He was heading to Madrid to study at university in English and spoke no German and he is getting paid by the EU to do so. Way to go Brexit another score! He has nowhere to live so is winging it brave or reckless ? I think probably a bit of both.

That's our hotel and taxi weirdly an enjoyable 17 hours and we're still in harmonic silence 🤐.

We watched the sun come up as we headed towards Madrid through the mountains.

We arrived at Madrid airport and then had to navigate our way into the center30 minutes by bus.

We said goodbye to our travelling companion and dropped off our bags at the depository as we could not get into the room until 3.

We sauntered off into the bright blue sunny day for a walk around the local park as we waited.


Admiring beautiful buildings

some landmarks

We then got instructions as to how to get into our room. It was as complicated as an escape room. We had to pass through 3 doors calling different numbers which opened the doors before finding the room. The showers in the room and our toilet is a locked individual room in the corridor. The directions were misleading so an hour was spent trying to figure out where it was. Eventually located it and the room is located impressively in the center of Madrid but is tiny.

This is the view

We grabbed a siesta and a shower and we are off out.

Apparently nobody goes out until midnight clubs open at 1😱. Needless to say they will have to manage without our company tonight.

We will look for an Irish pub for a meal then early to bed.

The weather is perfect like an early spring day back home but with the addition of a flock of paraqueets making there nests in the park.

Tour around the city tomorrow either by, foot, bike or bus. We are both very pleasantly surprised by the city and regretting slightly that we are not hear longer. However we have the option to return if we wish on the return leg.🌈

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