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4 wheels outing

So after a lot of text messages that were a little stilted to say the least we at last got the car sorted. We were spirited away to a local cafe where we handed over the cash received a hand written receipt and sent on our way. The only instruction we got was ' must stop for police'. Then he was gone. He looked like Mr magoo and with the very thick glasses and his ability to text and drive with no hands he inspired little confidence.

We have absolutely no idea where or how we hand the car back. He repeated over and over 'give to my friend '. Well we have the car now until we catch the plane on the 2nd of March. The car itself is hardly pristine with door rubbers hanging off it and certainly not valeted. Which is probably why it was the cheapest. We should have known when we looked for the office previously which did not exist!

We set off for a test drive to the nearby surfing village about 30 minutes away.

The beach was beautiful and empty.

The sun was not out in full force but it was dry and warm. The place was full of old vans from across Europe with surfer dudes of all ages , flip flops and dreads were everywhere.

We had a coffee and shared the view with a relaxing four legged friend.

We took the longer way home in the hope that we would see Raes must see Moroccan experience which is.


In these.

Well as it happens we did but it was on a road that we couldn't stop on. So unless you have pictures it don't count.

However we've both driven the car and (yes we did stop for the police) been tailgated by a belligerent and aggressive coach driver with a very loud horn and survived. Our confidence will increase hopefully. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the car as we have no idea what to do if it does. On the plus side we now have the ability to explore and head off the beaten track 😱.

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