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Rae had the dentist first thing. As it was supposed to be a fine and dry day we decided to walk the test way to Romsey. There were a couple of showers with consequential rainbow and a slightly rarer double one.,

There was evidence of the recent storms with a huge oak tree blocking the way.

Part of the path was closed due to bridge repairs.

The waste following Halloween was evident in the Fields of the Broadland estate.

We had checked the tide times but hadn't anticipated flooding. We had got some 8 miles into the 10 mile walk so had to decide whether to turn round get a boot full or paddle. We paddled Gordon went the long way round through the barbed wire fence and slightly shallower path.

We re shooed and carried on into Romsey. A quick tour of the charity shops before jumping on the train back to Redbridge and home.

A gratuitous stately hone shot.

A bit of gardening tomorrow and more walking as it's set fair.

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