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Planning the walk has been a logistical nightmare. We keep struggling to work out where to place the van, factoring in security, over thinking and general neurosis alongside which vehicle to leave where. Any ho, we decided to move the van to Cocking follow with the car and then drive to South Harlesden walk back to Cocking then drive the van halfway back walk to the car and then drive back to the van. Confused if not we are.

We awoke this morning to fog and perhaps a sign from God

Well we took it as an omen and set off in good spirits.

Rae is a little reassured that we have enhanced security with chief security officer Gordon in situ.

As we headed up out of the valley the sun reasserted its dominance.

We set off up hill for stunning views the ascent was a little taxing as we both have been a little less active over the last 10 months since returning from the Highlands. Work sort of took over. From our vantage point we could see the fog on the valley.

Joined the South Downs Way

The views were stunning and worth the breathtaking ascents and knee trembling descents.

So much to see wildlife and scenery.

On the way we came across this memorial for a German pilot the first I've seen and very touching. It seems that it has been recognised that war is shit for everyone.

Gordon continues to be stoic plodding on behind even putting up with the fact he was dunked in a cattle trough. He hates getting wet with a passion.

That's him trying to dry off!

We connected with the van and found what we thought was a quiet overnight stop. To be suddenly surrounded by Gurkhas on manoeuvres. I'm not sure who was more surprised us or them.

On the plus side we should be safe from feral youths and doggers!

Tomorrow looks a little drizzly so we will make use of our National Trust membership to visit Petworth House after we find a suitable lay- bye to deposit Miss Daisy. We will recommence our walking the following day.

The one advantage/ disadvantage of van life is that we have already lost all track of days and time.

Every cloud!

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