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My goodness last night was cold. Jumpers and layers were essential. We ran out of gas in the morning but luckily we had a back up.

The morning constitutional was again a little chilly.

But enjoyable non the less. We divided and Rae stayed at her mums wrapping Christmas presents. I set off to meet Gary for coffee and fill up with LPG in wellow. It's still a learning process and I only half filled it so will have to return at later date. It was great catching up with Gary as he and Kirsty are living in there van and are our on off neighbours in Calmore. They too are coming to terms with there first cold snap in the van and are finding ways to keep warm and deal with the condensation.

Went off for a walk with Gordon into the forest.

The upside of the current cold spell are the beautiful clear sunny days and the views they afford.

Even in the late afternoon the shady parts remained icy.

Back to the industrial estate to meet up with Rae. We got a call from my son requesting we babysit so that's where we spent the evening in the warmth.

Tomorrow we are going to Marwell in the evening to see the Christmas lights with the children and perhaps a walk before hand.

Weather remains cold 🥶 but we should have enough gas to get us through....hopefully!

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