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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

We did get the bus last night into Broughton found a friendly local pub and watched the football. Well watched something they claimed was foot ball. Apart from the game it was a good night. We ended up getting the bus back with one of the staff on site. The night was already too long and we extended it for a bit longer as he showed us his caravan.

Anyway today we have suffered for the excess of last night. That along with the dreadful weather has meant we have been confined to barracks. Venturing out for essentials namely for Gordon to use the facilities and washing up duties.

This was the only day so far on our travels that we haven't been out and about. It definitely helped having electricity as we have a small oil filled radiator which keeps us warm.

Tomorrow we are off on our travels again heading up towards the Somerset border in stages before returning to local area at the start of December.

Weather looks a little better tomorrow and we will be a little better too 😳.

Gordon appears to have embraced the down day with his usual laid back attitude. He really doesn't like the rain.

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