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Rae went off swimming this morning whilst Gordon and I were confined to barracks as we did not know when the mechanics were going to be coming.

We swapped over and Gordon and I set off on the 9 mile walk to the beach.

The forecast was supposed to be sunny in the afternoon. We walked past fields of potatoes just beginning to sprout. Along paths with wildflowers on either side.

A small copse of trees offers some shelter from the breeze.

We took a little detour and had to fight our way through the undergrowth.

We eventually found our way out and back walking along the path by the river.

It was an enjoyable walk but the sun did not appear and by the time Rae joined us at the beach I was chilled to the bone.

On the plus side the van is fixed and the only pain that remains is the seriously depleted bank account. The mechanics were once again at pains to make sure we were aware how lucky we were to have survived the trip on the motorway in one piece. Comforting words and will undoubtedly help Raes motorway anxiety in the future!

We are all set for the festival in Moffat that starts tomorrow. We drop Gordon off in the morning at the dog sitter and pick him up on Monday. We haven't told him yet 😳

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