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Early start as we had a 10.00 coach to catch to Fes breakfast first following a quiet exit through a strangely empty souk.

Arrived in good time for the bus and are now well versed in coach etiquette. Booked our luggage in and paid the required money before settling into our front seats for the journey. What a journey it was firstly a beautiful drive through the the rift mountains villages with donkeys ploughing the fields and people walking and using donkeys to collect water. On the downside the driver seemed to have a death wish or a belief in a divine spirit that I don't share. He was texting with both hands , whilst talking to his mate and waiting for blind bends and steep hills prior to overtaking long lorries carrying 100s of gas cylinders.

So it was with some relief we greeted Fes.

On the coach we met to Spaniards mother and son. Mum is an-online Spanish teacher so Rae passed on her details in the hope of some future help with her Spanish.

We had decided to walk from the bus station to the hotel about an hour as it's gives us a chance to stretch our legs and get our bearings. As always as soon as you disembark from the coach you're set upon by Taxi Drivers and touts. Having battled our way past this first hurdle we then had a mostly unimpeded journey until we passed into the medina.

Then the hunt was on. We were besieged by people asking if we wanted help, directions, hotel, opium, drugs,food literally every footstep we were indeed prey. Unfortunately the address for the hotel was wrong and by the time we had it sorted we were surrounded by young boys insisting that they show us the way and that Google was wrong. They walked some way with us very polite and then demanded money for their company. We gave them a couple of coins but apparently they only dealt in paper money. With a grumble or two they withdrew and we located the hotel after walking past it 3 times.

We were so happy to be in a beautiful room with heating and a SOFT bed and so far no fucking cockerel. We choose the terrace room and one flight up there's a roof garden with these great views.

and the other way

We ventured out for supper again hassled all the way. We are so far dealing with it via humour and politeness. It doesn't feel intimidating but just tiresome. It's a shame as you never get a chance to get to know the locals as there's always an ulterior motive. Plus being British it's so against everything we understand.

We were just deciding where to eat when we witnessed an accident involving a truck ,an old man, 3 fighting dogs and 2 people on a motorcycle. The two on the motorcycle were badly injured and were lying where they were hit for well over an hour and still no sign of an ambulance when we left the restaurant. Makes the NHS seem a little more effective 😳.

Scuttled back to the hotel overlooking the chaos below. It's a little sanctuary of calm above the madness!!'

The comforting sounds of the call to prayer echo across the city as we sit safe and sound in our perfect haven.

Tomorrow we will venture out once more having put our big boy and girl pants on.

We have booked the train to Maraquesh in 2 days.

This is a beautiful country and we are in the oldest town in Africa and so far we have had nothing but positive interactions with those we have done businesses with. It just takes a bit of time to immerse oneself into the culture!

Hovering around 0 at night. Bright blue skies and unrelenting sun during the day with temperatures around 18-20😎

Wish us luck for tomorrow!

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