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Rain was forecast for late afternoon so we decided to try and find the cycle route into Marbella. Unfortunately there's a golf course between the campsite and the town. This necessitates a long detour up the hill and back down again. So a 3 mile distance turns into 6 or so .

We decided to see if there was a more direct route.

On the way out we had varied success.

The route took us over disused roads and barely discernible trails.

They had obviously planned a housing complex with bus stops and street lights. I guess COVID didn't help.

What was left was overgrown roads with huge holes as people had stolen all the manhole covers.

We eventually got to Marbella it was a lot more classy than Fuengirola. We only road along the front popped into Tourist information. We found out that dogs are allowed on buses if the driver says they can. Not that helpful if you're trying to plan a trip!

The way back we followed the coast and the boardwalk. It was a really nice ride. By luck or good planning. We found a much flatter and enjoyable route back. We were both struggling with our current location but this means we can explore the town with much more ease.

We got back jus ad the rain threatened. We decided to leave the dog behind and walk to the local Bazzar. There are a great many of these shops around. They appear to be run by Chinese and they are huge. It's the sort of shop that has everything and nothing you really need. From fancy dress to sanitary towels to car steering wheel covers to crochet wool. This one was on 3 floors and we were the only people there. No idea how they can stock such a huge space???

We are expecting heavy rain to continue fir the next day or so. In fairness it's the first we have really had and it's sorely needed. They have started to put restrictions in place as the drought has lasted for 3 years!

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