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Up early showers taken and dog walked after Rae had finished her Spanish lesson we dropped Gordon off at his sleepover to be picked up late on Monday afternoon.

We then set off on the 2 hour journey to the festival close to Moffat. We elected to go the non motorway route and it was a beautiful drive through rolling hills very green and gentle. There was a little bit of anxiety initially given our last experience in the van. It all seems to have bedded in and we arrived at the festival with 4 wheels which is always a bonus.

We had elected to pay the extra and arrive a day early which enabled us to get set up and find a pitch near the toilets and close to the entrance which means we have easy access to alcohol through out the festival!

The festival is open for a preview tonight from 7.00 . Resisting the temptation to get over excited on the first night.

Although there are blue skies still not overly hot. Ideal weather for a festival!

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