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A beautiful day and off tomorrow.

Routine day on site Rae and I left to our own devices and fortunately all went well! 30 in 30 out and no dramas!

We have a few children on site and it’s really nice to have them buzzing around on there bikes it gives a whole new vibe to the site. We have a purpose built expedition truck on site. The guy and his wife retired then bought this with the intention of driving down into China and in to Nepal. All on hold due to covid. It’s a spectacular bit of kit but does not fit into the normal white vans we are used too. It’s a varied job meeting people from all walks of life and thus far dickhead free🌈.

I’m less than impressed with the amount of rubbish generated but more on that later!

Its been a beautiful day sunshine from start to finish hopefully more of the same tomorrow as we are off for the day. No plans as yet but we will be walking as we drove much to much last week!

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