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A beautiful day with storms ahead!

A very warm day with hazy sunshine throughout . However as the day progressed it became increasingly humid and heavy. We received a call from the environment agency to warn of potential floods. Having checked the weather forecast there’s a yellow warning of thunderstorms and rain. We have yet to experience a proper thunderstorm up here so we are hoping it comes to fruition. The high intensity of arrivals and departures continue as before with the silver pound being the predominant currency. We divided our time in and out of the office. I spent time with the hedge trimmer cutting back the overhanging vegetation and Rae spent time clearing up behind. I hasten to add that this was at her request. She then spent time berating me for creating so much waste material. I did offer on several occasions to take over a fact that is conveniently overlooked 🤓.

One of several trailer loads. That may lead her to reconsider her desire to spend more time out of the office. The vans at rest.

Another full day of comings and going’s tomorrow. Demand remains higher now than at any other time since we have been up here. I guess people thought that by leaving it until later things would quieten down. A lot of the regulars come up in May and September to avoid the midges and the crowds. These numbers have been swelled by new owners and a surprisingly high renter market.

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