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A beautiful start to the day rain and storms in the evening.

We awoke to sunny hot day. The heat and the humidity gradually ramped up during the day. It felt like a storm was brewing and this was confirmed by the weather forecast.

We continue to titivate the site in preparation for the visit on Tuesday from the area manager. Lawns mowed and paved area’s weeded. At the meeting we will get the chance to discuss work opportunities for the winter as well as our placement for next year. We love being up here and would leap at the chance of returning next year! However we are a very long way from home and our family commitments and responsibilities. It maybe that after we have spent the winter with them it may resolve but we won’t know until we are back. Unfortunately that’s not something we can expect the company to accommodate. So we will have to choose next years options Tuesday. We will ask if it will be possible to return to Scotland in the future if all works out at home.

The rain came at about 6 blew in blew out again. At the time of writing we are awaiting the thunder and lightning promised. We are both looking forward to good storm as it’s the only weather we have yet to experience up here!

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