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A bonus half day off ducking downpours.

We worked this morning and the weather has been atrocious. Heavy rain with intermittent brief sunny spells.

We were unexpectedly given the afternoon off so headed off over the mountain hoping to catch the ferry to Skye. Apparently this is the last turntable ferry running in the world. Well we went up through the clouds and down the other side on probably the steepest and most difficult road we have experienced so far in the Highland.

The ordinarily spectacular view over the loch on to the campsite was obscured by clouds.

We made our slow and careful way down the other side to the hamlet of Glenelg.

With the plan to catch the ferry to Skye swing round and pick up a takeaway for us and the guys back on site. Simon and Judith had kindly given us a couple of free tickets for the trip.

Unfortunatey we had to repeat the perilous journey back over the mountain as the ferry was cancelled due to bad weather. Something they could have added to the sign at the beginning of the 30 miles round trip possibly 🤷‍♀️.

We did get to see Skye from the other side.

With Rae and Gordon enjoying a chilly walk along the beach!

And so back round the long way to pick up the takeaway a mere total of 60 miles. That is genuinely the closest takeaway to us .

Luckily a very good curry that was enjoyed by all apart from me . I had a jolly nice pizza and chips from the chippy.

Rain intensifying as I write and looks like it’s with us for at least the next 2 days. Talking to the park ranger this is much more the norm for up here. Wet but a little reassuring that the world is not totally out of sync. Yet

Unfortunately we are not currently % 100 waterproof in our accommodation which is making life interesting!

Day off tomorrow not sure of plans thus far. We will need to see what the weather brings.

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