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A bridge to far?

We were undecided what we would do today. But decided to take a risk and try to walk the bridge across the firth.

We met a bridge maintenance man who told us there's a great view point. He also told us that this is now a world heritage site and as such has to be maintained by the Government. Apparently it took a hundred and twenty years to paint it as once you finished you had to start again. Hence the phrase like painting the forth bridge. Now they spray it with a resin that lasts 10 years or so. His job was to inspect the bridge continuously and if they see a gap bigger than 5mls they need to see too it. It's amazing to think this was built in the late 1800s with no computers to work stuff out a real feat of human ingenuity.

We walked across the middle bridge of three.

This used to be the main Road bridge and now it's a walk and cycle track. With a few buses and the odd taxi. Its also a spare bridge if the motorway bridge has to shut.

A lovely tranquil walk with coffee waiting on the other side.

The rail bridge is a delight and understandably an iconic sight.

We managed the 8 mile round trip without rain. An added bonus was that on the bridge there was sufficient wind to keep us all cool.

I managed to get all 3 bridges in one shot just.

It seems a lot of money and effort to keep the middle one open for a few cyclists and walkers but I for one am glad that they did.

Tomorrow is again sunshine and showers and we have learned to keep on doing what we want to do despite the weather. Much rather this than the soaring temperatures in Europe.

No firm plans for tomorrow at this stage.

And if you want to profess your undying love here's the place to do it! We may return 🫠

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