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A connection pending farewells and shock and awe!

Another beautiful day up here in the highlands. The day was spent mowing the grounds and Rae tag teamed to do a spell outside weeding. We are locked and ready to leave tomorrow for a couple of days in Inverness via GP for Rae to have a blood test. It will probably be our last visit and we may have to visit a few pubs to say farewell in style.

Bill is leaving tomorrow and has promised to forward his last batch of photos on his return home. There was a young Rotwieler bitch on site who for some strange reason became obsessed by me and would drag her owners over every time she passed. Apparently she’s not usually fussed with people there appeared to be some strange connection. Anyhow she left today as well. For the second time since we have been here 2 F15 American fighter planes (think top gun) flew past us and into the valley. The noise was incredible and makes one understand the shock and awe tactics. If one of those was heading in my direction I would be offski in double quick time.

Bill has been here for a week and has been a great visit and the photos have been incredible.

You know when people have a doppelgänger well I have found mine. One of the members showed me a picture and wow both Rae and I were gobsmacked.

2 days away will be good as we like to touch base with civilisation every now and then! There maybe a little earlier blog or a truncated one.

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