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A day of two halves

Picture courtesy of Bill. Yet more beautiful pictures of wildlife that inhabit the uk and in particular the Highlands. Today started off wet and miserable and gradually improved as the day wore on. We spent the morning working with the routine tasks of cleaning and brushing up on our training. We have the machinery test looming. We are still struggling to understand the point of testing us so far into the season. After work we headed out for a walk looking for any wildlife that maybe about. We now only have 2 stags and they are in separate fields. The noise continues and there have been reports of jousting being witnessed.

Tomorrow we are off but the weather is not looking too good. We were hoping to get a decent walk in but that’s looking unlikely. We return to work Tuesday and the start of a four day stretch. Unfortunately the weather remains unsettled so options will be limited.

Oh we did stumble across this critter.

That’s a four spot orb spider apparently the heaviest spider in the UK.😳

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