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A foot in both camps!

An early start as Gordon and I said goodbye to the bay we had been staying in. It was his morning toilet run. It looks like the last good day we will have for a while.

A short drive down the road to Eyemouth dropped the van in the caravan park carpark and jumped on the bus to Berwick.

Didn't know what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised.

A town full of history with 3 bridges crossing the Tweed.

This is the two most interesting ones!

We walked around the walls and this is the view out to sea.

Once again by pure accident we saw the flying Scotsman as it steamed across the Tweed. Still being pushed by a diesel engine!

There was the modern version as well!

Lots of wildlife Herons and Egrets a plenty.

Around every corner there was history. So many nooks and crannies with interesting tunnels and alleyways.

We got the bus back and got settled on the campsite. It's a large holiday park with a few touring pitches surrounded by mobile homes. It's not pretty and not close to what we have been used to. But it gives us a chance to shower etc.

Below is a boat made entirely out of draft wood.

We walked along the Tweed which follows the border. So we hopped from Scotland to England and back again. In fact a lot like Berwick itself over the centuries!

Tomorrow we are heading inland to Moffat. It will nice to do a bit of hill walking. Unfortunately the weather is set for rain all day. It's about a 2 hour drive so at least we won't be out in it.

That's a view of the railway bridge with the tide in.

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