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A frog in my throat!

We drove the 15 or so miles to the Forth estuary. Apparently it's the Firth of Forth as there are many rivers running into the estuary the Forth being one of them. Firth means many.

On the way we came across this beastie.

The frog hanging out of its mouth was still alive as he swallowed it! It then couldn't move as the frog was kicking and struggling in its throat. We watched as it tried to kick it's way out through the Herons neck!

That apart we walked 10 miles along the coastal path. With great views of the bridges, spanning the river.

With a deserted monastery located on a nearby island.

In the distance was the Edinburgh skyline.

Through woodlands

The weather was mostly dry with the odd shower. Luckily Gordon was resplendent in his new clothes.

We reached yet another golf course before headings back.

Tomorrow there's a yellow warning for high winds. Rae has her first online lesson with a Spanish teacher we met on a bus in Morocco. So she's excited. Gordon and I will head for the hills as I love a wind blown walk.

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