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A little bit of church

We stayed local as it was a dank and lacklustre day. We tried to get the dog out but he mysteriously developed a injured paw that miraculously got better as he headed back. He couldn't have made it clearer that he wasn't up for a walk.

I continued and got a good view of the village church. Having been here since March I decided to have a look.

This used to be the capital of Fyfe and was an important staging post for those pilgrims on their way to and from St Andrews. There has been a church here for 1500 years or so.

The Scottish churches are very different from the English ones. They are on a split level a lot airier and more light.

It was interesting and lots of history.

Saw this on the wall made me smile.

Tomorrow if weather permits we will see if we can walk up one of the Lomond hills for the final time.

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