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A little bit of Japan!

An unsettled forcast so we took the opportunity to visit the Japanese gardens near Dollar. It was something we had on our todo list before we head home.

We weren't disappointed it was a beautiful place with a real sense of calm.

A formidable spinster from the turn of the last century decided she would create the garden She traveled extensively and was the first English woman to meet the Deli Lama.

She commissioned a Japanese woman to design the garden. The only Japanese garden to be developed by a Japanese woman.

There is now a Japanese professor who advises on renovations.

In the 60s some local youths had jumped the wall and in an extreme act of vandalism destroyed what was at the time a run down garden.

As you can see there has been a long and extensive rescue operation. Work is ongoing but it's a really beautiful place to visit and just sit for awhile.

There's a woodland walk attached where dogs can walk. Theres also a lovely children play area.

This elm avenue used to lead to the castle which has been demolished.

We then followed signs to an outlet village. Nothing surprising but Rae picked up a pair of waterproof walking trousers.

From there we followed signs for a country park.

Yet again it was a beautiful park and very peaceful


In the foreground is a whooper swan with a mute cousin behind. I only noticed it's yellow beak never seen one before.

The hills in the background are the ones we had walked up previously.

As the day progressed the wind picked up and the clouds dissipated. It turned into a beautiful day and although windy an ideal temperature.

We are off to see Poirot at the cinema tonight.

Tomorrow we will look for a walk we've enjoyed before.

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