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A little breezy

Winds of 50mph plus started in the early hours. Luckily we are in a hollow so not too much impact on the van or its occupants.

Rae had her first Spanish lesson today and Gordon and I walked the 5 or so miles to the foot of the highest hill locally.

Past and unexpected statute

Along the river over a viaduct

This is the view from the underside

Rae joined us and we decided to push on with the walk despite the wind and confident that the rain would hold off which it did sort of.

That's the hill we were headed for. The wind increased as we walked uphill. Surprisingly! Then

Never realised that rainbows were associated with hail. We turned the corner of the hill and the full force of the wind hit with hail thrown in for good measure. At times we were almost knocked of our feet by the ferocity of it.

We reached the top and it was exhilarating Gordon nearly took off.

The views were 360 and worth the climb and facing the elements.

The other way.

And they call this the lowlands.

We are both looking forward to coming back when the weather warms up . As the views will be even more spectacular.

We are constantly blown away by how beautiful this part of Scotland is. We've spent time in the Highlands and were expecting to be a little disappointed

by this area but so far so good 😊.

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