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A little scary at times!

Updated: Feb 18

The wind rain and thunder of last night was epic in magnitude. Every door shutter and window was rattling and slamming.

We awoke to pitch blackness as the electric shutters were not working. This was the first hint that things were not as they should be. On further examination it turns out that was no power anywhere in the hotel. This meant we had to rely on our phones torches to find our way around the room and out for breakfast. Of course it also meant there was no internet.

Despite all of this drama breakfast was delicious.

We took the car as the walk along paradise valley could only be accessed from certain points. We saw the signs and stopped and set off. The path that looked official very soon dwindled to nothing

This led us to stumbling about in ravines cactus and prickly bushes.

We tried to follow a river bed

but this led to a huge drop that if we had not had our wits about us could have been calamitous.

This is Rae surveying the situation and about to deliver her verdict on my directions.

We decided to retreat and go to the tourist access. The safer option. We dutifully paid our small parking charge and headed down into the valley.

Past the restaurants and cafes stopping for lunc before carrying on . Made a new friend

and watched this specimen swim past.

Decided to take a bit of a chill before setting out again someone was disappointed that the mount snd dismount were without calamity.

The walk up the valley was worth the effort with

towering valley walls and stunning views.

We returned back the way we came along some very narrow paths. Some on the side of the canyon

and some through the oasis.

and decided to take a slight detour in the car up

the mountains.

We had negotiated an incredible road with luckily no other vehicles on it.

We decided that this was maybe an unwise move after encountering rock falls and serious subsidence. So after a very careful 15 point turn we made it back to the hotel. Still no electric so as the room remains in pitch blackness we have had to take refuge in the hotel lobby.

Power has been restored and we now have light heat and of course internet.

The weather is set to improve with sunshine and temperatures set to rise to the 80s.

One more day in Paradise and then off again. Still debating where but maybe towards the Darr valley and the edges of the Sahara .

We have debated and booked a room in a castle made of mud in an oasis!!!

The hotels owner has given us a map for an 8 hour walk tomorrow through the Berber village and valleys.

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