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A little snow

The weather was cold but at the start of the day there was a little sunshine and with the help of a couple of flue relief tablets we set off for a walk that started only a couple of miles from where we are living. It's nice to be so close to great walks.

It took us up into the Lomond park and hills.

Through woods out the other side in to the hills .

This took us by an old Lime kiln. Apparently back at the start of the last century people left the farms and moved to the cities. They needed to be fed bit the soil in Fyfe was to acidic so they needed to add line to make the soil productive. They needed to take lime stone and mix it with coal and burn it to make lime. As a consequence the are around the kiln is incredibly fertile due to the lime dust produced as a side effect.

We then headed back down the hill to the car and home.

Tomorrow and tonight is cloudless and as such the temperature is set to drop to below zero.

Today we had a smattering of snow but did not settle.

Hopefully we will make the most of the sunshine tomorrow. I'm feeling a little better today so fingers crossed.

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