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A little warmer feeling a little better!

Definitely a little warmer but the chill factor of the wind played its part. Last night was cold and at one point we had the gas fire and the electric heater on. Plus hot water bottles.

Yep it was that cold.

The advantage of being on site and plugged into the electric is that we can have the radiator running on low continuously and that makes a huge difference.

Still a little wheezy but decided to wrap up warm and go for an afternoon stroll around the campsite. Dorset remains one of my favourite places and easily accessible from home.

The campsite is located In Portesham close to Abbotsbury famous for its Swannery. It's typical Dorset countryside with rolling hills and plenty of sheep.

There's a path leading from the campsite that links up with the coastal path. We did a short circuit today.

Returning via the steep and muddy path back into the village.

We took the short cut back into the campsite and disturbed a rather large deer that Gordon felt needed to be seen off.

Tomorrow we head to my sisters for the funeral on Thursday. Health seems to be improving as does the weather so hopefully some long walks in the offing!

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