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A long walk in great company.

We were joined on the next leg of the walk from South Beeding to Amberly the longest leg so far 15.5 miles with old friend and work colleague Steve. It was great to see him and we greatly enjoyed his company on this leg. Steve is one of the few people who would want to do the length of walk and his company made the time fly and the hills seem less step. The weather was beautiful and probably the best views of the walk so far.

We started off along the river initially.

With Rae having a cup of coffee and Gordon sitting on her in the vain hope that he would not be subjected to another torturous day of excessive walking.

As we heade up the hill we came across this young fella basking in the Autumn sunshine.

Gordon was quickly put on the lead as encountering an Adder at the beginning of the walk may have put a different complexion on things.!

The initial climb was steep but the views again were something else.

Thats the view inland and the ridge we walked gave us a view out to sea and a fine wind farm.

As we have become accustomed to on this walk again the varied paths and flora and fauna. We were treated to soaring kestrels, red kites and buzzards.

You the turn a corner and the route stretches off in front of you into the distance.

Steve surveying the scenery and resolutely soldering on. This was towards the end of the walk.

Gordon once again in supervision mode.

We immensely enjoyed his company and are hopeful that he will join us again on a stroll.

Until then we wish him a safe journey home.

At the end of the walk I dropped Steve back to the car and then joined Rae at the campsite in Bognor. We have a few days on site. This will enable us to empty toilets, fo washing and most importantly have showers.

Someone is pleased it's over and looking forward too an easier day tomorrow!

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This is so lovely, beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing….. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Xx

Rae Rourke
Rae Rourke
Sep 25, 2022
Replying to

Hope you’re well and are you on Edinburgh?

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