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A longer than expected walk and unexpected weather!

We set off this morning after negotiating the incredibly narrow entrance to the carpark. The margin for error was 4cm.

The storm last night left us relatively unscathed a very minor leak from the sky light was the only noticeable consequence from torrential rain and gale force winds. In hindsight parking on a cliff top to await a storm probably wasn't wise. The van rolled with the storm and rocked us to sleep.

We arrived in Lewes nice and early spent a bit of time looking for a place to leave the van before we headed off to where we had left the car in Upper Beeding we were expecting a 15 mile walk but this turned into nearer 28 time we finished.

There was a walk through town past the Prison and along a bridle way before we joined the South Downs Way once more.

Once again the views were stunning that's Brighton in the distance. The walk was mostly along a ridge with the coast one side and rolling countryside the other. It was one of the hiller sections of the walk so far along and over Devils Dyke.

We were halfway way through the walk and unexpectedly the heavens opened no warning and the only one with a raincoat was Gordon

We were drenched but luckily it was short lived and the strong winds and sun quickly dried us off.

By the end we were all getting a little tired and the extra 3 miles were taking there toll.

One long downward hill.

Finaly the rive and although we had slightly misplaced the car we knew that we were close.

Glad to get back to the van in a car park in Lewes. Tomorrow Rain is forecast and we have a campsite booked in Brighton for showers etc😎.

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