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A new visitor and a new beach.

I have the start of possible man flu. That plus one or two Guinness last night left one feeling a little jaded this morning. Rae had recieved her new phone so we needed to find a Wi-Fi to connect too to enable her to change over. We decided to head of to Kilkaldy . Before we left we had a visitor to our bird buffet.

He and the squirrel are taking it in turns with others dipping in and out. This is by far and away the most successful bird feeding station so far. Tried many in Totton with no takers. Plus we can lie in bed in the mornings and have a great view of the breakfast routine.

To sort out Raes phone we set off to Kilkaldy not the most beautiful of towns . The sea front was a pleasant walk with views across to Edinburgh.

No rain and we have a couple of good days ahead. So unless one of us admitted to intensive care ( man flu is a thing) we will try to get a couple of long walks in.

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