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A nice stroll preparing for the storm.

Having spent the night being rocked and buffeted by passing traffic. Rae was adamant that we moved. The vans suspension is such that we literally roll with the punches.

We located an alternative site overlooked by Rowedean private school for girls.

It's a small car park with an entrance that allowed us 2 cm clearance eithe side. Not looking forward too exiting.

We decided to walk into Brighton along the seafront and had a picnic on the promenade.

As you can see by Gordon's ears the wind was picking up. So we headed back to the van that has a great view over the sea to prepare for the storm!

Oh my when it hit it hit

I don't know if you can see but someone was out there surfing 😳.

We are in for a rough night, at least we will know if we are fully waterproof and hopefully storm proof. We are hoping to start of early tomorrow as the storm is set to blow out in the early hours. We are hoping to walk the 15 miles or so back to the car.

As I write this the wind is picking up and the van is rocking so fingers crossed 🤞

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