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A pub a hill fort and a circular walk.

Sunshine and showers forecast and as such decide on one final local walk. The idea of battling our way through the narrow lanes for no particular reason left one feeling a little under enthused. So off down the hill again along the river .

The valley sides are incredibly steep and we pushed up and over mainly on the country lanes. Until we reached the hill fort with great all round views and an army helicopter for company.

With a little bit of map jiggery pokery and a short harrowing walk along a narrow B road we got to the pub just in time for lunch. It was a very good lunch in the strangely named California Inn situated at California cross roads.

Lunch eaten and Gordon spoiled as usual we set off back on a lot less convoluted route. Along the ubiquitous roads.

Managed to dodge the rain and made it back before dark. The new wheel for the bike has arrived and I will try to fit it tomorrow hopefully it will remedy the problem. I've got a nasty feeling that they have sent the wrong one but we shall see.

Still planning on Exeter tomorrow if all goes well.

The view as we arrived back.

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