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A rain affected game

Updated: Jun 22

We decided to go out and watch the Scotland v Georgia game in one of the local pubs. We started off at the Weatherspoons for a meal and then left the car and walked back to the local pubs . Unfortunately there had been a downpour in Glasgow and the game was delayed for an hour. We had managed to miss the rain at both ends it had rained heavily at the site and then in Glasgow but missed us somehow. It meant that the evening was longer than expected and as a result we ended up with a headache this morning. Scotland won 2-0,this is the best ever qualifying campaign for Scotland and they are struggling to come to terms with a successful football team.

We had to walk back to pick up the car.

We spent the day doing some admin and chores around the van .

Gordon continues to struggle with the heat. We have bought him a cooling vest which is soaked in water. He didn't take it well and seemed to not to be able too understand that being soaked in water is beneficial.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day. We are debating as to how best manage Gordon's struggles with the heat.

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