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A second failure but lessons learned.

We had a bonus day off so decided to get to the nearest second pub in a place called Glenelg which is over the mountain range. Up one of the steepest roads I have experienced. So we or should I say I….decided to find a circuitous route that was supposed to be easier! So we hitched up Gordon’s carriage and set off. Initially a little difficult but we persisted

Hoping things would improve….but it proved to be a false hope!

The views were spectacular but we were proper struggling. You can’t push a bike a trailer and a dog up a mountain! Who knew! So we took a honourable defeat and withdrew. Here am I contemplating my shortcomings!

There will be a third attempt. Which will join the two failed attempts into a 30 mile circular success. Or we will die in the attempt. Luckily there’s a pub with accommodation at the halfway point. We will be suitably refreshed. The views were glorious.

And this one.

So we returned to base for lunch and adjourned to the beach to plan the next trip and wait for the pub to open.

Here’s me planning our next attempt!

Our last day of good weather apparently 🤷‍♀️

So we are making the most of it!

Gordon on the other hand maybe communicating something 🥸

We have caravan repair man due tomorrow to see to the fridge and the heating in both habitation units!

So as we await the sun setting otters seals and eagles appearing and of course pubs opening we bid you adieu 🥰

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