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A surprise Necropolis and Banksy!

An early start saw us heading towards Glasgow in an attempt to out run the weather. The journey was problem free and took a little ove an hour. We had scheduled a short walk in a park in Glasgow before we attended the art gallery.

On the way we saw a green space and decided to stop as Rae needed to powder her nose.

We had inadvertently stopped at the Necropolis apparently the best one of its type in Europe.

Here is a monument to a certain John Knox the founder of the Presbyterian movement in Scotland.

Apparently a pius man but when over 50 married a 17 year old girl and had 3 children by her😱. The rich were burried here whilst the poor died of cholera below!

From here we wandered through Glasgow to the exhibition. I've been a couple of times before but not seen or been aware of its grandeur. All funded by the empire!

We got there a little early which gave me the opportunity to take a picture of the now iconic Duke of Wellington. There's been a long battle to retain the cone on his head ( worth a google) and this is the reason Banksy chose Glasgow for the exhibition. He believes this to be the best bit of urban art in the UK!

It's now one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

The exhibition itself was great a real sense of what he was trying to say and do. It showed all the famous ones along with the original stencils.

All our phones were locked in pouches so no photos could be taken.

We also bought a book ( which is great ) but you can't help thinking that this urban left wing street artist has shifted a little.

We did get a Polaroid taken of us next to his mobile animal truck that circled New York demonstrating our strange relationship with animals. They had people operating them were on 8 hour shifts.

On the way out we had the opportunity to

Sign the graffiti wall.

We are at the top!

That's our initials.

We stopped off for a cup of coffee and a discussion as to wether buying the book with a free tote bag was part of Banksy's dream of a socialist revolution! We decided £25 was worth it 🤷‍♂️. The book is interesting the bag is beautiful!

Both of them😱.

We walked back to the car past some more urban art. It makes you wonder who or why Banksy is so popular!

We managed to dodge the worst of the weather. Tomorrow seems to be a lot better so we may head towards the coast.

The seagulls had there opinion of the statues.

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