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A trip down memory lane.

We had to be off site by 10.30 and had an overnight parking place in mind in the middle of nowhere in between Lynmouth and Hedden valley. On the way we took a sligh diversion to a place called Coombe Martin where we had spent many summers when the children were young. It has sweet memories for all the family.

It was very quiet and definitely looks better in the summer and 30 years ago. We had a look around and debated whether to stay the night here or stick with the original plan. We arrived at about 12 grabbed a bit of lunch.

Not a bad spot to pitch up in . The views are great although we are a little exposed to the elements. When we arrived it was a little overcast but if we're lucky the night skys should be amazing.

We had been advised to visit Heddon Valley and fortunately our resting spot was within walking distance. So after lunch we headed down into the valley.

Followed the river down towards the bay.

The bay was windswept and desolate.

The climb up the valley edge to the cliff top was arduous but the views were worth it. The view towards Lynmouth.

The view back towards Ilfracombe.

Heights aren't my strong point, so we had a choice of a precarious cliff top walk or a broad stable slightly inland route.

The inland route won the day. But still aforded us some great views but without the fear factor. As I get old my vertigo is getting worse not sure whether it's due to being more conscious of falling over and then bouncing off a cliff?

Just found out that our sweet kind brother in law has passed away peacefully at home. He was with my sister for over 30 years and was true gentleman in every sense of the word. At 92 he was ready to let go.

As such not sure what are immediate plans are at this stage. My sister is being being supported by her son and daughter in the initial aftermath which is entirely appropriate.

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