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A wonderful day and yet another jab

My sister Dot and 30 year friend, companion and all round good egg John finally made it official today, friends and family joined them both physically and virtually to celebrate there time together and wish them both happiness and peace moving forward together.

We choose the Eilean Dorney castle as the back drop to our zoom call. Rae had managed to source a fetching little hat from the local shop yesterday and braved curious Chinese tourists to wish them all the very best.


We had to stand in the sea to get that shot. I was watching out for any upcoming tsunamis!

The castle provided a perfect backdrop.

I had my flu jab booked for later so we headed off to Skye for lunch in front of this hill.

The day was better than forecast but had us dashing between sunshine and showers.

We came back over Skye bridge possibly for the last time. It’s without doubt the most beautiful backdrop to any bridge I have encountered personally.

This is another angle.

And then looking away from the bridge up the Loch towards our campsite on one side and Skye on the other.

Having been jabbed we headed back taking a diversion down a single track road alongside the Loch that joins the sea by the castle. We got out and in between showers went for a gentle stroll. I have long ago run out of superlatives to describe this glorious area so I will let the pictures do the talking. What they cannot convey is the sound of multiple waterfalls cascading of the mountains into the loch, or the keening of the golden eagles that soared overhead and the haunting bellowing of the stags.

Well a wonderful day and our last official day off before we set off on the next leg and freedom.

Last full day open tomorrow. All guests must leave by 12 Monday and then it’s pack up and offski.

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