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Aborted walks and cinema

Rae went off to meet friends. I dropped her off before trying to get Gordon out for a walk. We tried on 3 separate occasions but the rain was substantial and the effects of the rain meant little brooks had swollen and broken there banks making path's totally inaccessible.

Luckily the weather cleared sufficientlyby late afternoon and that enabled us to ge out for a quick walk locally.

We had arranged to go to the cinema to watch the new avatar movie. In 3 D . We went to the posh one with recliners a little bit of luxury. Luckily as the film was close to 3 hours long. It was a visual feast and worth seeing at the cinema.

Rain continues on into the night and the wind is picking up. On the plus side the van remains by and large dry. The temperature is still well above freezing so all in all not too bad.

Tomorrow off to meet a friend in Winchester and hopefully touch base with sister.

Getting a little concerned for the horses in the field nearby as they are borderd by two rivers that have burst there banks. Luckily by the end of the day they had found some higher ground!

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