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Added to a book. Survived our first day as grown ups!

Right at the start of our time up here I was approached by a man who told me that he was a journalist working for the guardian. He said he was walking the Cape Wrath trail which is a 250 mile route purportedly the most difficult route in the UK. Due to the fact that it covers multiple terrains. Including bogs,shale,roads and no defined paths. The premise for the article was to be centred around the people that he met along the trail. He wanted their stories and how they had ended up working alongside the trail. Anyway he interviewed me and took the above photo and said he would email me. In truth I had put it down to one of those conversations. So I was surprised to receive the email. He stated that he is in conversations with publishers so has asked that I don’t publish the photo of me or make money from it! Neither of those are likely outcomes.

Simon and Judith headed off for a well earned break for a couple of nights. Things had conspired against them up until now. Plus as 1st year trainees we needed to be supervised initially. The weather was overcast but dry. Rae did some weeding as I honed my office skills. We shared the other routine tasks around the site.

At the time of writing everything went as smooth as clockwork. No dramas in or out of the office. All the guests parked and behaved as they should. Hurrah!

Every so often you get a day when there are a group of interesting friendly campers on site and today is one of those days.

No breeze and wet ground means we have had a midge upsurge but so far no where near as bad as we had been expecting 🤞

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