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Adventures to Dentures via Hollywood.

We survived the night!!! Remain the only residents in the hostel. Took a while too get off to sleep after last night's trauma and the long arduous drive.

Got up and before breakfast took a walk down the high street. We have been told that the recent heavy rain has inflicted damage on som of the houses as they are mostly made from mud.

There is real poverty here and only a 20 minutes drive out of one of the most prosperous towns in Morocco. The only robust and up together building is the mosque.

The river remains in flood. The track that leads to the hostel is 3 miles long and would not pass as suitable for walking at home here they are classified as B roads.

We crossed the river and made our way into town

In town I had an appointment with a denture clinic as I had managed to break my partial top set. I also had developed a toothache in the lower jaw. I asked if the could do anything. Now I was expecting a filling what I got was 6 of my teeth veneered. Probably not wise to negotiate dental procedures via sign language and smiles. Mind you it's done the job and she has fixed' bad broken teeth' her words. The lot cost about £150. Now I'm pain free and have my teeth back. Not a bad days work. Everyone was all smiles.

Went off for lunch in the square which was nice.

Whilst we waited for the repairs to be done we visited the film studios.

Lots of filming is done here because its cheap no background noise from aeroplanes etc and mostly blue skies which allows special effects to be added.

Some of the stuff filmed includes Cleopatra, Mummies,Jewel in the Nile, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Game of Thrones, Assassin Creed, Bond etc

Oh and this one


Currently being redesigned for next film so shutdown. Game of Thrones, Vikings

They change this as required currently set up for Cleopatra

Tibet and China

It was surprisingly interesting definitely worth a visit.

Tomorrow we are staying local and a man from the village is taking us up over the mountains for a hike.

Looking forward too that. The day after we are back on the road and head down the Draa Valley towards the Sahara!

The film studios also known as Atlas Studios

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