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Ain’t no mountain high enough!

We had a day off and the start of our furloughed time. Woke up to this in the morning so decided to make our first attempt at climbing one of the hills surrounding us!

Set off up the road to the start of the trail

Thats Rae leading the way we are heading for the snow capped peak in the distance. The plan was to get to the ridge walk along then down through the woods past a couple of waterfalls and home

Starting off in the beautiful sunshine looking down on the campsite and our accommodation.

Then all of a sudden the sky darkened and were enveloped in a blizzard visibility was diminished temperature dropped and heart rate soared fare to say neither Rae or indeed Gordon were impressed

He really has been very long suffering. Luckily after our first encounter on a Scottish walk we invested in an army poncho.

We all managed to shelter under it and see out the storm

At this point we had a vote and the combined vote of Rae and Gordon determined we abort the ascent. We spoke to some one later who we encountered going up who told us that the summit was knee deep in snow with poor visibility and high winds! So probably for the best.

On the way down we met a Danish lady who by herself was the entire staff for AMHT psychiatric liaison and home treatment team for Skye and our area. We have her email and assured of work if this camping lark doesn’t work out.

True to form the weather changed again!

Walked home via the local shop and spent time fixing a leaking water pipe in Luther! We are getting much better sorting shit out now. I guess it’s having the time and the right tools.

Got back to hail stones and sunshine in dramatic style as is the norm here. Shame you can’t get snow rainbows 🌈 can you?

As I write this,blue sky’s and calm go figure!

Tomorrow of out looking for herbs for our herb terrace that we constructing out of old pallets. Who would have thought? Hopefully visiting the Fairy Pools on Sky on the way!

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