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An improving day,our youngest long distance walker,schools break up in Scotland!

Weather a little chilly but mostly dry a gentle breeze. My first day in the office starting to get to grips with all the new systems.Rae has to her credit mastered most of the intricacies and will lead in the office. I will attempt to take the lead outside. It will be good for both of us to have a bit of mix and match.

Scottish schools break up today and as a consequence we have a few youngsters on site. Unfortunately we have no facilities for them other than a few board games and a pool table.

This is not a site for young ones that need to be entertained. Sketchy WiFi only 8 tv channels. Most kids would be in meltdown. However one 11 year old boy arrived with his dad via bus and train looking to walk over 40 miles over the weekend.

On a personal note we managed to sell our trailer with bike racks to a local man from Fort William having bought a caravan we had no way of towing it home.

I’ve got new uniform 😎

Wearing Craghoppers nosilife which is keeping the midges at bay.

Weather looking good for our attempt on Ben Nevis on Monday.

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