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An office with a view a pilgrimage and a globally warmed day!

Gordon had to have a haircut he was suitably unimpressed but needs must and he is reaping the benefit. Another day of un-Scottish weather. We are enjoying it but there’s an underlying sense of disquiet as Mediterranean weather doesn’t seem quite right up in the Highlands.

We were going to have the afternoon off but Simon’s sister was visiting so agreed to work today with tomorrow off instead. Currently deciding on what we will be doing as tomorrow is the last dry day for a while ( normal service to be resumed).

Today an elderly man arrived early on site. It took him quite some time to get out of his car and he was obviously finding mobility difficult. He came into the office and explained that his wife had died last year after 62 years of marriage. He had decided to take a tour of his and his wife’s favourite places as a tribute. As I said to him a very bitter sweet pilgrimage. He has been a member of the club for 50 years. It had the feel of a final journey. Not often moved to sentimentality but apparently not completely dead inside after all 😳 This is the view from our office/place of work. I challenge anyone to beat this!

I’m off to charge the batteries for the bikes and prepare Gordons carriage!

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