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An unexpected beautiful day.

We awoke to heavy rain in the car park in Lewes a quiet and uneventful evening meant we all had a chance to catch up on sleep. The latest leg of the walk was an unexpected 20 miles 40.000 steps. At the moment hitting 20,000 steps a day target.Luckily non of us are suffering too much this morning. One of the side effects of living in a van is the close connection to weather. In house we are vaguely aware of the outside conditions. In a van you feel and hear every drop, gust and change in temperature instantly and physically. Luckily no leaks and we managed a mid morning stroll along the river before heading to the campsite in Brighton.

The sun was out and not a drop of rain in sight. It was a glorious afternoon and a little scarily a summers day in October.

We are busily charging everything that needs charging and are looking forward to showers following a gentle stroll along the seafront.

We headed slightly inland for a Guinness and a chip supper . Brighton is a great place for a saunter!

Tomorrow we head out again to complete the penultimate leg of the walk. We should be able to find a last lay-by that pivots both legs🤞!

Before returning home for granddaughters birthday.

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