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Anniversary edition

Lots of photos as we had a busier day than expected. So apologies for that🫠.After a lot of back and forth trying to decide what to do for our 15th wedding anniversary . Taking the inclement weather into consideration we decided to head off in the car to Culros.

It's a small town frozen in time .At one point a busy and prosperous salt refinery and coal mine. But slipped into poverty and disrepair until the National Trust stepped in during the early 60s. Not only did they take over the Manor House (palace) but most of the houses in the town. They have been lovingly restored.

It's been the backdrop to many films and tv series in particular Outlander.

That's Rae in the palace and below is the outside.

Snug and atmosphere inside.

The restored houses and cobblestone. A nice lunch in the local pub missed most of the downpour!

There's a local abbey where the guy who built the palace was laid to rest with his wife. He had his three sons and five daughters keeping watch over him.

A lot of the abbey was in ruins but that was sectioned off due to instability.

After a successful visit it was a quick google search that suggested we visit the canal tunnel at Falkirk. It was a surprisingly interesting diversion. Great echoes and

Wonderful stalagmites and the other ones.

As we returned to the car we saw the Kelpies in the distance. They were definitely on our todo list and luckily on the way home so it would have been rude no to.

They certainly didn't disappoint.

They are set in a massive country park with all sorts of family attractions all free. We could have got to go inside but didn't feel the need.

We had coffee and cake as we admired the big and the small. It's also a hub of the canal system all in alll a great place to visit!

Tonight we are off to the Chinese buffet and a couple of drinks.

Fifteen years of marriage no wonder Rae has lost her head!

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