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Another beautiful day,trip back via Glen Coe.

One last sunset. We set off at about 12 intending to take it slowly and stop if anything caught our eye. As this is Scotland around every corner there’s something that catches your eye.

Stopped by the side of this loch for an impromptu picnic.

We then took a little diversion to have a look a Glen Coe. Glen Coe is famous for outdoor activities. We have decided to call back when we have time to explore more fully.

The scenery around about continues to impress.

We stopped off at Lidl’s in Fort William for one or two essentials.

On the other side of Fort William is a memorial for the commandos who served in WW 2. It was felt that it would be fitting place to commemorate there bravery as a lot of the training took place in the surrounding countryside. They held a competition and the winner was a unanimous decision. This was the entry that won submitted by a local art teacher.

The next part of the trip back is a route that we have taken many times and signals that we are returning to base.

We have traveled around the area extensively since arriving here in March and each place we have been has its own beauty but non has surpassed the area ( so far) that we are lucky to live and work in.

The weather is the hottest and the sunniest we have experienced so far up here. Fortunately there always seems to a breeze which helps not only with the temperature but also with the midges 🤞.

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