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Another day another beach

Another dry day with a great deal of sunshine. After yesterday's long drive we decided to stay a bit more local.

We set off for the national park just past Cadiz. It was about 40 minutes drive on nice straight and flat roads. There were flamingos and other exotic African birds doing there stuff all over the salt marshes. It's one of the most important migration routes for lots of species.

It is a beautiful bet area obviously well prepared for the summer crowds that must flock to the area. Huge carparking spaces and restaurants. But at this time of year we pretty much had it to ourselves. In the UK on a day like today it would be ramned.

They are spoiled for choice around here. You can see why this part of Spain is so favoured by the Spanish. They leave the costas to the Northern Europeans.

We walked along the beach and back through the sand dunes.

We have been so lucky with the weather so far. It has been t shirt and shorts weather pretty much since we got to Cadiz. There is a sudden drop of the sun disappears and definitely in the evening.

Tomorrow we are expecting a bit of rain so we are taking the opportunity to visit Gibraltar. It's about one half hours drive so we are hoping to get up and out early to make a day of it.

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