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Another reason we are spoilt.

Where can you wake up and open your door to come face to face with the young man above and the one below?

You have to keep pinching yourself and trying not to take any of this for granted! This job has allowed us to experience this area for longer and more in-depth than most people could dream of. It has been a massive change of pace and life circumstances and we would be lying if we said it had been plain sailing all the way. We miss our family, friends and colleagues. The change of pace and responsibilities has been an adjustment. For years our work has defined and to certain extent controlled our life’s. I guess simply put we lived to work and now we work to live and experience a totally different lifestyl?

This morning the weather looked ominous.

However it turned out to be a glorious day with a sufficient breeze to keep the little darlings at bay.

Work was routine with hedge trimming both manual and hand.

Work tomorrow and we continue to experience better weather than down south!

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