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Another town another world heritage site

It was literally freezing last night. It took awhile to defrost the van before we set off on our next leg of the trip. This was about 2.5 hours along a straight road. Dual carriageway all the way. Again hardly a car or lorry on it.

We passed our first bull. These always remind me of my trips to Spain a half century ago. I believe they are an advert for port or something. They have now achieved heritage status.

The drive although shortish took us through hills valleys and rivers. A lot greener than I remember the Spanish interior to be. Of course it would look a little different in the height of the summer.

We found the camper van parking and nabbed a spot. It's free and a short walk into town. We have found that if you plan to be in a place early afternoon then you will almost certainly get a spot.

The town square is all set for Christmas with an ice rink and ski slope all set up. Not a soul on them this afternoon.

As you can see the weather is getting warmer and we were walking around in T shirts when we took the short walk into town.

This is the nativity scene it's amazingly intricate with moving parts and flowing water. They take it a little more religiously than we do. Very little tinsel and a whole lot of Jesus.

The old city was beautiful and well deserving of its heritage status. Once again we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The tourist information people were really helpful. The dog could pretty much go everywhere.

As you can see brilliant blue skies. Still struggling to find vegetarian options but managed to negotiate a great ceasar salad.

This is the cheerful Easter costumes the priests don for Easter. I personally prefer the Easter bunny!

We wandered through the historic Jewish quarter before heading back to the van.

By the time we got back the carpark had filled up.

When the sun goes down there's a definite chill in the air. Not surprising as there's not a cloud in the sky.

Tomorrow we have a very short journey of about an hour to a town famous for its Roman ruins. We have booked two nights on a site. Then we have 3 or so hours drive before we get to Cadiz.

Weather forecast looking good and we should have a sunny Christmas on the beach. We are in Cadiz for about a month seeing out Christmas and the new year.

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