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Another Wainwright conquest

Rae had Spanish thus morning so I strolled around a circular route close to the campsite.

It was as you can see frosty and the river appeared to be steaming. Last night was the coldest for a long time a harbinger of things to come. Hats,bodywarmers and extra blankets helped prevent hypothermia. There was the first frost of the season as well.

We had decided to drive towards Windermere for an 8 mile circular walk taking in a series of waterfalls. It was certainly worth the 50 minute drive. The driving in the area is at times a little perilous but the scenery does more than compensate for that!

Initially lots of fellow walkers.

As we started to climb the views improved and there were less and less people.

It was a very steep climb. The weather was exceptional so not autumnal. But luckily we had brought food water and fortunately hiking sticks.

We have previously walked up the likes of Ben Nevis although obviously not as tall it was an unrelenting steep climb to its 2000 ft summit.

The views were once again breathtaking and another glorious place to have a picnic. Gordon took the opportunity for a well deserved nap.

The views were360 and we could not have had better conditions to be able to enjoy them.

The route back down was longer but a much gentler descent. Very glad that we had lucked into walking the way round we did.

Some beautiful houses appeared to be constructed like the dry stone walls.

We stopped on a bench rested awhile whilst we admired the view along the valley.

Around every corner was another glorious vista. The variety was unexpected and immensely enjoyable.

We have been incredibly lucky to have been able too enjoy the walking in the ideal weather. It only needs a bit of rain and or low clouds and half of the views would have been obscured.

The clouds are gathering and tomorrow will be wet at times. It does mean we won't freeze tonight but it will limit our options a little. Other than the Highlands this is one area that you feel there is a certain amount of jeopardy when you walk up into the hills.

Lake District definitely added to my favourites list! Having said that there's not a chance of catching me here in peak season it must be a nightmare!

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